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today I will proudly announce that our website about the best “Spyware Removal Tools” went now live!

The website is up and running – we will be tweaking a little bit at out design in the next few weeks, but we think it looks already clean, simple and nice! 😉

What is the purpose of this website found at

Our focus lies on software tools which can be used to identify and in particular be used to delete malicious spyware from one’s desktop computer or laptop. Regarding this topic we will also explain certain terms according to spyware – only to mention some of them: spyware, malware, adware, trojans, etc…

The heart of our website will be the reviews of the best spyware removal tools. With these softwaretools it will be possible for you to clean your pc from spyware and make your windows platform clean and fast again.

I hope you will enjoy our posts, can clean your computer and protect it againgst spyware in the future with our software program proposals.

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